21 February 2011

Sculpture and Education

The novice, rather unskilled and not very talented sculptor takes a block of stone and tries to transform it in what he or she wants to sculpt. Michelangelo said that he reveals what the piece of stone really is by removing the unnecessary parts.
Why is it in education that most teachers and overall educational programs try to transform the student in something that they want? Nobody really knows if the student wants to be transformed because education doesn’t come with a comprehensive product description so that it would be possible to say that the student made an informed conscious choice.
On the other hand in almost 20 years of school I haven’t seen a program which focuses on what a student really is and teachers and educators to focus on revealing the true potential of the student.
Dear educators please go and see Michelangelo’s works and hopefully you’ll get the point.


Tudor said...

Aşa e zisera plaieşii!

Dana U said...

I like the idea of "informed consent". Indeed, school is like going to have brain surgery without having the slightest idea of what's going on.