8 May 2012

The optometric specialist that can’t see right

Cornelia, my wife, goes to a H. A. Shop to get some new glasses and some contact lenses. The lady from the store tells her that since it is Saturday, they have no time in that day but that she should come next week and makes an appointment. 

We go next week and realize that there was no appointment for that day… after “digging” a little in the computer someone realizes that the appointment was made for the following week (two weeks from when she went the first time). 

Next week we go, they measure her eyes and say that in one week the lenses will be available and that in two weeks the glasses will arrive. She tries the lenses and feels really bad – dizziness, head aces etc. The people from the shop say that it’s because she is not used to wear contact lenses… Later the glasses arrive and she goes to pick them up from the shop. She realizes that she can’t see anything with them. 

Then someone makes some new measurements to her eyes and realizes that the first measurements were wrong… 

Last Saturday we go to the shop to check if the glasses are ready and she is told that they are not… then the third person offers to measure her eyes and in the end after another half an hour the results are that the first two measurements were wrong… at least the people at the shop were polite and we felt a bit less bad … in a few days the glasses will be ready… let’s hope this time she can see with them.

7 May 2012

The unhandy “Handy-man”

When we moved to The Netherlands and moved in our apartment here, we had a problem with the cooking (electric) stove that broke down. We called the owners and they promised to send “The Handy-man” to replace it. 

Next day a man knocks on the door with a new stove in his hands. He starts taking the old one out its place and while doing so he tries to cut an electric cable without puling it out of the plug first. Good thing I was there and stopped him before actually cutting it, otherwise we would have had Fried Handy-man… 

After making a huge mess in the house he manages to place the new stove in its place, but not before breaking it a little in a corner. Then he realizes that he does not know how to connect the cables and the conclusion was that the stove worked with only 2 heaters instead of 4. 

Three days later another man came and managed to fix things.

4 May 2012

The car mechanic that breaks the car

Earlier this year we realized one morning that the front suspension at our car broke and we had to repair it. We pay 120 euros to take it on a platform to the AUTHORIZED Citroen Repair shop. We are told that the repair work will cost 850 Euros (good bye holyday). We pay… the car gets fixed – suspensions replaced etc. 

A couple of days later I realize that when I steer straight the car goes left… I thought that I was wrong or that it was because of the uneven brick streets from the neighborhood. Several days later on the motorway the car was going left constantly… hmmm…   

The next week I take the car to the repair shop and complain. I am told that they will check it. A couple of hours later I am told that there was a problem with the balancing of the suspensions (I have honestly no idea what that means), that now it is fixed and that I don’t have to pay for the work (?!?!). 

On the way home I get the feeling that the car goes right when I’m steering straight, but I say to myself that I didn’t adjust my perception after the repairing. A few days later on the motorway I realize that I was right, that in fact the car goes right now if the steering weal is straight. 

The next day I go to the repair shop again… This time I said that I want to test drive it on the motorway after it is repaired…  3 hours later and several drive tests the problem still persisted… I am told to come back next week…. Finally the next week they managed to make it run “acceptable” as they put it…

3 May 2012

The neighbor that sings but does not think

One of our next door neighbors is a music teacher. He is in his late 50s and lives with his wife. Sometimes they come to their attic (we life in the attic next door) and they sing on the piano and vocally. Till now I had no problem with them and said “good day” whenever we met. 

At the beginning of last week I started to feel a bad smell in the bedroom, but I said that it had to be something from outside. Two days later the smell became really bad and then I said that it’s the flowers that got bad and threw them. The smell got only worse. We couldn’t and still can’t sleep in our bedroom for the last week. We asked the neighbors if they used rat poison and the singing one says that he did…
How CRETIN you have to be to use rat poison in an old house… especially at the higher floors??? I asked him why did he do that and I got the answer that he thought it was no problem and that he only used a small amount of poison (after all he didn’t try to kill an elephant). This problem is not yet solved since the Handy-man is on vacation and we need to take out the floor to search for the dead mouse… For sure the neighbor will pay for his stupidity.