7 May 2012

The unhandy “Handy-man”

When we moved to The Netherlands and moved in our apartment here, we had a problem with the cooking (electric) stove that broke down. We called the owners and they promised to send “The Handy-man” to replace it. 

Next day a man knocks on the door with a new stove in his hands. He starts taking the old one out its place and while doing so he tries to cut an electric cable without puling it out of the plug first. Good thing I was there and stopped him before actually cutting it, otherwise we would have had Fried Handy-man… 

After making a huge mess in the house he manages to place the new stove in its place, but not before breaking it a little in a corner. Then he realizes that he does not know how to connect the cables and the conclusion was that the stove worked with only 2 heaters instead of 4. 

Three days later another man came and managed to fix things.

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