4 May 2012

The car mechanic that breaks the car

Earlier this year we realized one morning that the front suspension at our car broke and we had to repair it. We pay 120 euros to take it on a platform to the AUTHORIZED Citroen Repair shop. We are told that the repair work will cost 850 Euros (good bye holyday). We pay… the car gets fixed – suspensions replaced etc. 

A couple of days later I realize that when I steer straight the car goes left… I thought that I was wrong or that it was because of the uneven brick streets from the neighborhood. Several days later on the motorway the car was going left constantly… hmmm…   

The next week I take the car to the repair shop and complain. I am told that they will check it. A couple of hours later I am told that there was a problem with the balancing of the suspensions (I have honestly no idea what that means), that now it is fixed and that I don’t have to pay for the work (?!?!). 

On the way home I get the feeling that the car goes right when I’m steering straight, but I say to myself that I didn’t adjust my perception after the repairing. A few days later on the motorway I realize that I was right, that in fact the car goes right now if the steering weal is straight. 

The next day I go to the repair shop again… This time I said that I want to test drive it on the motorway after it is repaired…  3 hours later and several drive tests the problem still persisted… I am told to come back next week…. Finally the next week they managed to make it run “acceptable” as they put it…

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