22 July 2013

Understand Human Nature through the Pikant & Naumof Training Programs

The training progams from Pikant & Naumof are a convenient way of acquiering knowledge on what influences human behavior and how people actually make judgments, choices and decisions. This knowledge on human nature can be transformed into very powerful means of understanding, predicting and influencing human behavior, may it be the clients', co-workers', employees' potential donnors' etc.

Spice up your business with the Pikant & Naumof Training Programs

Designing Decisions - Choice Architecture | Psychology of Choice

The design of a choice set significantly influences the choices people make. Choice Architecture is the intentional design of a choice environment aimed at guiding choice towards one particular option. 

Using choice architecture can influence both business aspects (e.g. increasing sales and profits) and individual well-being (e.g. increasing savings rates, stimulating pro-social behavior). 
During the Designing Decisions training You Will Learn How to Optimize Offers, Sales and Marketing Materials. Curious?

Thinking Money - Psychology of Money

Since everyone deals with money daily, we could say that we are all experts with money. Despite our tremendous familiarity with it, we tend to think about money in particular ways that aren't necessarily optimal or rational.

The way in which we think about money strongly influences our behavior in situations that involve monetary transactions. E.g. We tend to spend more when using credit cards than when we pay in cahs. 

During the Thinking Money training program You Will Learn How your clients, colleagues etc. think about and make decisions concerning money. Curious?

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