20 August 2014

And in the End They Pay…

On the 26th of September (2014) I will be speaking at the Design For Conversion conference in Amsterdam.

Usually, when one thinks of conversion and design, the first thoughts are linked to doing things that will increase the number (proportion) of people who buy stuff from a website. Well, that’s a very rough and simplistic view.

Rightfully, the focus is on the user interface, more specifically on how to design the user interface in such a way that more people will buy, convert etc.  

After a lot of effort, sketches, (A/B) tests etc. dedicated to optimizing the user interface, there is a thought that is implied: And in the end they (users) pay.

My presentation at the Design For Conversion conference will be dedicated to the final, and usually ignored, part, namely payments. More specifically, I will talk about the pain of paying and what are the factors that influence it.

It’s quite intuitive that the amount paid is an element of the level of pain of paying one experiences. Simply put, the more one pays, the higher the level of pain of paying one experiences. However, there are more elements that influence it and I’ll talk about (all of) them.

Shhhh………… (This is still a secret for now)

On the 25th of September (one day before the conference) I’ll be giving a very cool workshop (4.5h): Design Payments. The topic is, naturally, how the pain of paying can be influenced. There will be some (more detailed) theory from Psychology of Money and some very cool case studies on influencing the level of pain of paying to be solved by participants.

In order to pre-register for the Design Payments workshop, send me an e-mail at Nicolae (at) Naumof (dot) com …

Oh… there are only 10 seats available for the Design Payments workshop and “first come, first served”.

P.S. We can provide (free) Ibuprofen to counter the pain of paying for the workshop :) 

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