30 September 2014

Pain (of Paying) at Design for Conversion Amsterdam September 26th

Last Friday (September 26th) I made the participants at the last Design for Conversion conference suffer! Starting low with a gentle flick, I’ve encouraged the members of the audience to inflict pain on each-other. We’ve reached the level of “slap on the wrist” in only a few minutes.

Luckily for them, this was not a Stanley Milgram experiment so we stopped and hugged to wash away any negative emotions.

This brief and apparently absurd exercise was meant to help me present the phenomenon of Pain of Paying and how it can be used in designing payments

And to make the presentation even more fun, I’ve used Jars and Beer to illustrate mental accounting and its implications in the level of pain of paying we experience when making purchases that involve more than one payment. Thank you Liviu Taloi for the help :)

Judging by the feedback I received and by the (low) number of people avoiding me after the talk, I believe the audience liked it, even enjoyed it.

Thank you and congratulations Arjan Haring and Chemel Benali for a very nice event.

P.S. I had the honour of announcing the winner of the DfC competition ;) 

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