24 October 2014

Two Metaphors on Applied Behavioural Science

Metaphor 1:

Behavioural Science is for Practice (business, public 
service etc.) like a Gold Mine!

However, do not expect to find in a (gold) mine gold bullions (i.e. gold bars).

What you will find is Gold Ore, which needs to be extracted, cleaned, and refined. This is not as easy as picking up a gold bar.

Metaphor 2:

Applying Behavioural Science in Practice is like
(having) Sex.

It’s fun, It’s jolly and it’s amazing.

This is true even if you are working without any specific (customer) insight on the issue that you’re aiming to improve.  

At the same time, if you have the customer insight,

Applying Behavioural Science is  

Like (having) Sex with Another Person.

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