9 January 2015

Re-Design Banking & Insurance

At the end of November in 2014, I gave a session of Re-Design Banking & Insurance seminar to a group of intellectually curious bankers.

It was a very pleasurable experience and I was happy that the participants were open to my (a bit wacky, for banking standards) approach.

One participant said after the seminar:
Nicolae made us think about things we always take for granted.

Another participant said something that made me feel very happy and very proud.  

Nice how he got to the point without bullshitting around it. With every point.

The organizer of the event said about the Re-Design Banking & Insurance seminar I gave:

Nicolae delivered more than promised: content to reflect on, presentation to learn from and takeaways that the group took home to work on right away.
Jeroen Nas

You can take a look at the presentation of Re-Design Banking & Insurance seminar enjoyed by more than 20 intellectually curious bankers here: Re-Design Banking & Insurance seminar.

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