5 February 2015

Goodbye My Love, Goodbye!

My dear,

We spent four and a half years together. With good times and bad ones. We shared joys and sorrows.

I came to you with great enthusiasm and high expectations. Some were fulfilled, others not.

The beginning of our relationship was both exciting and a bit difficult. Then, after about two years, I came to love you. I even wanted to make you (a small piece of you) my own. I actually thought that we could have a very long term relationship.

Yet, things didn’t work all that well between us. Maybe you didn’t love me (enough)? Maybe it simply wasn’t meant to be? Who knows?!

None of these matters now…

It’s time to say: “Goodbye!”

I will move on, not without a heavy heart. You will be (stay) the same and, I truly hope you will find others to love you, at least as much as I did.

Thank you for the times we had together!

I hope we will get to see each-other again, and, maybe, we will be together again, at least for some time…

Thank you, my dear The Netherlands! You were, for some years, My Home.

My dear readers,

I haven’t written personal posts on this blog for almost three years. I break this self-imposed rule to mark a rather painful moment in my life: Moving from the country in which I lived for almost five years and I called home for more than three years – The Netherlands.

In a few months my wife and I will move to the USA (Washington DC area).
What the future will bring, I am not sure. What I am sure of is that The Netherlands is a great country to live in, with great people (both literally and metaphorically) and living here was a life-changing experience for me.

I’ll be back (sooner or later). 


Adam said...

Nicolae, looking forward to you coming to the States. I'm just up the road in New Jersey. We'll have to figure out where to get together. Dinner is on me! Welcome!

Nicolae Naumof said...

Thanks for the invitation Adam! Gladly!

Can you send me a message by e-mail or Linked In? So that I know who to contact :)