16 July 2015

Psychology of Money at Action Design Meetup

On the evening of July 15 I gave a talk on psychology of money. It was a brief summary of the Thinking Money (2 days) training I give.

We talked about relativity, loss aversion and mental accounting and why they make sense from an evolutionary psychology point of view. We also talked about how these effects manifest themselves in real-life and how they could be used to design better services.

Here are some pics I got via twitter from some participants:

Here's a tweet from Tina Safaie:

Loved "The Psychology of Money" with @NicholasNaumof @ActionDesignDC! I'll never think the same way about my money...

For me it was a pleasure and Thank you to everyone who showed up. 

Special thanks to Kate and Zarak who organized this very nice event!

Looking forwards to the next Action Design Meetups.

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