4 September 2012


Sometimes we encounter (apparently) paradoxical situations in which people behave in way that is (apparently) counterintuitive. Let me give you some examples to better understand.

2. Despite the fact that these people barely have money for food, they buy expensive “flashy” things like iPhones or designer-brand clothes. 

4. Despite the bad weather in The Netherlands, the agriculture (particularly growing vegetables) is highly developed. 

5. Despite he was a nice guy, he did something really bad. 

8. Despite having more money than they can spend, rich people are stingy (the opposite of generous). 

9. Despite not having high athletic (sport) performance footballers get a lot of media coverage. 

The interesting thing about all these (apparent) paradoxes is that in fact it is not “Despite ….” It is BECAUSE. In a series of posts I’ll try to briefly explain why it is not Despite, but Because.

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