1 November 2013

Self-Enforced Poverty - Sharp Talks Episode 1

Sharp Talks is a Pikant & Naumof project which aims at bringing a behavioral science perspective to sensitive issues such as poverty, corruption, human rights, discrimination, crime etc.

Each episode is hosted by Nicolae NAUMOF and a guest specialized in a different field is invited.
We discuss sensitive issues and bring two (scientific) perspectives on the topic in the hope that we will bring some light on it.

The First Episode of Sharp Talks is focused on the topic of Poverty, particularly on Self-Enforced Poverty. The guest of the first edition is Fred Sepp who is specialized in sociology and political science.

Enjoy the show and let us know what you think of it. (Take into account that we are not professional film-makers or TV specialists and the show is done on a very low budget… so focus on the talk :) )

Note: This content is not addressed to people who are under the age of 18.

Here are links and references to some of the materials we mentioned during the talk.

On Giving money to poor people:

On Fast & Slow Life History Theory:

On Poverty leading to suboptimal decisions:

On Poverty Nutrition Trap:

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