31 October 2013

Choice Architecture Workshop by Pikant & Naumof at MediaLAB Amsterdam

On October 9th I, Nicolae Naumof, gave a half a day workshop on the topic of choice architecture at MediaLAB Amsterdam, part of Hogeschool Amsterdam (University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam).

Sixteen students attended the workshop and they have been acquainted with some basic elements of choice architecture and with some real-life examples of how choice architecture is used. In the second part of the workshop, the students solved two case studies on analyzing and respectively constructing a choice set.

Here’s what Marco van Hout - Program and research coordinator MediaLAB Amsterdam said about the workshop:

Pikant & Naumof recently facilitated the workshop 'Choice Architecture' for the MediaLAB Amsterdam students. These students follow a high-paced design program and work for 20 weeks in multicultural and interdisciplinary teams on challenges from industry. Nicolae's workshop proved vital for their knowledge of human behavior, and in particular in how to design for and optimize choice architectures.

Besides being very informative, the workshop was full of fun facts and engaging examples/ exercises. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in optimizing their product, interface or business model through clear guidelines in how to persuade, convince and nudge people's decisions.

For me, giving this workshop was a pleasure. For some time I had not worked with young people and it was a great pleasure to see the energy, enthusiasm and willingness to learn the students at MediaLAB Amsterdam.

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