22 October 2013

Why We Want What We Want - Webinar 12 Nov

Each and every day we make choices.

Many professionals in areas such as marketing, human resources, sales etc. want to influence other people’s choices. For example, marketers want people to choose the product of the company they work for and not the competition’s product. Moreover marketers want to influence people’s choice so that clients pick up the product / service that has the highest profit margin.

The general view is that a company should best adapt its offering to the target group’s preferences and this will lead to higher market success. However, this view is based on the assumption that (all) preferences are pre-existent and stable.

Is this assumption solid? Can it be challenged?

During the Why We Want What We Want - Webinar we will challenge this assumption and take a look at how preferences are constructed.

You will be introduced to the concept of constructed preferences and you will be acquainted with examples of how factors other than individual preferences influence choice. 

You will be acquainted with the preconditions for construction of preferences and you’ll see how we get to like what we have chosen through post-rationalization.


The Pikant & Naumof webinar Why We Want What We Want will take place on
November 12 (Tuesday) 2013 at
15:00 Central European Time (Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Budapest, Bern, Prague Stockholm, Copenhagen etc.)
14:00 GMT (British Time)
16:00 Eastern European Time

Duration: 50 minutes

Registration for Why We Want What We Want webinar

We offer 80 Fully Subsidized seats.
Registration beyond this quota will be charged, the price being 19Euros / attendee (VAT applicable for clients in The Netherlands)  

Thus, sign in early and you do not pay for attending this Pikant & Naumof webinar on the November 12.   

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