23 October 2013

Challenging a Fundamental Assumption of Marketing

The essence of marketing is that a company should best adapt its offering (product / service, pricing, distribution etc.) to the target group’s needs and preferences.

This is based on the assumption that (all) preferences are pre-existent and stable. The classical example for this is: if you prefer apples over oranges and you prefer oranges over peaches then for sure you will NOT prefer peaches over apples.

Is this assumption solid?

Both real life and academic research say that it is not. We do not always have clear pre-existing preferences. Think about buying a washing machine… do you really know which one you want before starting to look for one?

Quite often, our preferences are constructed while choosing and what we prefer is significantly influenced by the choice environment. The constructive nature of (some of) our preferences leads to the instability of preferences. In simpler words, our preferences can change depending on which choice environment we are in while making the decision.

During the Why We Want What We Want - Webinar we will challenge the assumption of stable pre-existing preferences and take a look at how they are constructed.

You will be introduced to the concept of constructed preferences and you will be acquainted with examples of how factors other than individual preferences influence choice.

You will be acquainted with the preconditions for construction of preferences and

You’ll see how we get to like what we have chosen through post-rationalization.

Join me on November 12 for the Why We Want What We Want – Webinar from Pikant & Naumof

15:00 Central European Time (Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Budapest, Bern, Prague Stockholm, Copenhagen etc.)
14:00 GMT (British Time)
16:00 Eastern European Time

Duration: 50 minutes

Registration for Why We Want What We Want webinar
There are 80 Fully Subsidized seats.
Registration beyond this quota will be charged, the price being 19Euros / attendee (VAT applicable for clients in The Netherlands)  

Sign up early and get an unpaid seat for the Pikant & Naumof webinar on the November 12.

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