15 April 2014

It is time to get closer to Applied Behavioral Science!

People often do things that make little or no sense from a rational point of view.

This is until you view them through the lenses of

the 4D Model of Human Behavior

based on top-level research in Behavioral Sciences.

Many companies and NGOs already apply insights from Behavioral Science in marketing, employee engagement, market research, fundraising and social programs.   

Even the (UK) Government Applies Behavioral Science…

Watch the recording of my webinar "See human Behavior in 4D" (from August last year) and get the gist of how the 4D Model of Human Behavior can help you to

Become Better at Understanding, Predicting and Influencing
Human Behavior!

 Liked it? 

Get a better picture with my Live Seminar

and Get Introduced to Applied Behavioral Science

Book a session ASAP and enjoy the “prohibitive” price of just 950€/ session*

* VAT (BTW) applicable for clients in The Netherlands; travel expenses not included.

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