1 May 2014

At the Habit Summit Europe

Yesterday, 30th April, I gave a brief presentation at The Habit Summit Europe in Amsterdam.

Having a bit (more) experience in organizing events, I have to say very little about The Habit Summit: It was good!

As for my brief presentation, I got some very nice feed-back... which is only natural since people who didn't like it didn't say anything :)... Still the number of people who liked it was quite encouraging... Looking forward to the release of the recording.

Thank you to the organizing team and to Monolith.

And by the way, My nastiest habit is THINKING

Don't forget to check out my workshops in applied BS (that is Behavioral Science, not the other BS) on www.naumof.com 

Later Edit: found the first pick with me ;)
Thank you Tom Prakke

No! I am not the big fat guy... I'm the one in the red blazer 

Even Later Edit: I found another pic :) Apparently because most people were focused on my presentation there weren't too many pictures taken...

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