31 January 2014

Choice Architecture Training by Pikant & Naumof at Storm Software Solutions Bolton UK

On 3-4 December 2013 I, Nicolae Naumof - The Behavioral Science Trainer, gave a session of the Choice Architecture Training Program Designing Decisions for Storm Software Solutions in Bolton UK.

Four very eager to learn employees of Storm Software Solutions attended the training. Here’s what Paul Flood, Managing Director of Storm Software Solutions said about the Choice Architecture Training:

Fascinating program covering Choice Architecture. Nicolae presents the content in an easy to understand way and adds his own perspective on this exciting   area of behavioral science.

Below are some pics from taken while the participats were solving the case studies on designing choice environments using tools of choice architecture.

For me, giving this training was a pleasure and I was delighted by the participants’ openness and their willingness to learn. Moreover, I was very pleasantly surprised by the Northern English Hospitality.

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