6 August 2013

See Human Behavior in 4D

If you work in marketing, human resources, sales, management, pricing, product design etc. you have to work for and with clients, customers, employees, colleagues, target groups, candidates, prospects, users etc.

Regardless how you call them, you have to work for and with Humans! 

For professionals in areas such as marketing, sales, human resources, management etc. the core of the job is to understand, predict and influence human behavior, or at least a very small part of it. Quite often, endeavors aimed at understanding or influencing the behavior of people, clients, customers etc. are based on assumptions that are not fully accurate.

The general assumption is that human behavior is the result of the interaction between cold-reasoned judgment and the personality or character of the individual. Quite often we believe that our customers, colleagues or simply people around us are very similar to Mr. Spok from the StarTrek series. We believe that people are some sort of reasoning machines. To some extent this is true, in the sense that humans are capable of wonderful reasoning. Looking at the modern world we live in, we should acknowledge that the buildings we live and work in, the bridges we cross to get from here to there and the myriad of high-tech tools we use every day are the product of cold-rational reasoning.

However, most of human life is not guided by this type of thinking. In fact, most of human thinking is based on the so called rules of thumb or in more sophisticated terms – heuristics. When we go to buy a pair of jeans or groceries we do not engage in very elaborate thinking. We simply want jeans that fit well and look good. We want to get it over with shopping for groceries and get back home to watch the football game or play with our children. When your colleague goes to make some photocopies, very likely she has something else on her mind and presses the buttons of the photocopying machine without giving it too much thought. Her goal is to get things done and not to maximize the efficiency of using ink and paper in the office, even if the boss told everyone to be careful with the office supplies because the firm needs to cut costs.  

The second source of human behavior that is established in popular belief is the character or personality of the individual. We infer that what a person does is the reflection of her character. We believe that bad things are done by bad people whereas good things are done by good people. To a limited extent this view is correct. Indeed, there are individual differences among people and they are valid predictors of human behavior. However, these individual differences are good at predicting patterns of behavior and not instances of behavior. For example, personality traits such as conscientiousness can predict professional success which is a long term pattern of behavior. At the same time, this personality trait is not a very reliable predictor of an instance of behavior such as the quality of a presentation given in a certain day at work.

Most of daily life is not driven by cold-reasoned judgments and behavior is influenced more by contextual factors than it is by the individual’s character.

Get the Gist of the Drivers of Human Behavior

During the webinar See Human Behavior in 4D by Pikant & Naumof you will Learn about the forces that influence human behavior, may it be related to purchases, work, social life etc.

You will be introduced to the Four Dimensions Model of Human Behavior and you will be acquainted with examples of how factors other than personality influence human behavior. In addition you will learn the role of personality in behavior. 

Watch the The Pikant &Naumof webinar See Human Behavior in 4D recording  ​

The Pikant & Naumof webinar See Human Behavior in 4D will take place on: ​

August 27 2013 at 
15:00 Central European Summer Time (Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Budapest, Bern, Prague Stockholm, Copenhagen etc.) 
(that is)
14:00 British Summer Time 
09:00 for the Eastern Coast of North America (Eastern Daylight Time)   
17:00 for Moscow 

Duration: 50 minutes (40 minutes presentation & 10 minutes Q&A)

Registration for See Human Behavior in 4D webinar 

Normally a Pikant & Naumof webinar with duration of 50 minutes is worth 19 Euros per person.

Since it is the end of the summer, 90 Fully Subsidized seats are offered.

Thus, sign in early and you do not pay anything for attending this Pikant & Naumof webinar on the 27 August.   

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